First part arrives

The first part has come back from Shapeways. I actually ordered this a week after the visor component, but there has been a backlog on the machine that prints transparent materials, so it won’t be in until early next week.


Not bad. Near as I can tell it’s exactly to specifications and it feels pretty tough.

Two related observations …

  1. Shapeways, when you send me a part that fits in a 12 x 8 x 3cm baggie, please don’t pack it in a 20 x 15 x 12cm box and charge me $20 shipping. Use a smaller, cheaper, box.
  2. I got home to find a UPS card in my letterbox. Oh no, I thought, another game of courier tag. But no, they’d left it at a nearby 7-Eleven for pickup. Brilliant, UPS you guys rock! Fedex, please do something similar.

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