Rooted Android phone

After much stuffing around (documented here) I succeeded in rooting my HTC Tattoo. What was once running Android 1.6 is now sporting a shiny new 2.3.7 OS.

The new OS gives me access to the Bluetooth API, which I’ll use for testing peer-to-peer communications.

Javascript graphics

It has been a while since my last post. During that time I made concerted push to complete the first draft of my thesis, and all of my 20 percent time was spent on the Heritage Health Prize (we got as high as fourth, but haven’t submitted for a while and slipped out of the top 10).

Anyway, the first draft of the thesis is done, so until I get back from some conferences and start on a re-write, I have a lot of free time. Right now probably 90 percent of my time is 20 percent time.

One technology I needed to brush up on was Javascript, in particular AJAX and using Javascript to do graphics. So I set myself the task of implementing an interactive demand curve. It’s something that my be useful for a dotcom idea I’m kicking around, but at the very least it will provide some working reference code that I can copy and paste to other projects.

When looking around for Javascript graphics libraries I came across Raphael. Very impressive. It’s a drop-in library that works on with all modern browsers. It’s easy to use, and the results look great. Best of all, it provides an animate command, so when you update any element on screen it animates to the new position. It’s fun to watch, and no more effort to implement than a regular non-animated update.

If you’re interested, the interactive graph is here.