Heritage Health Prize results

A few days ago I attended a talk by the winner of the Heritage Health Prize, and it reminded me that I should document the outcome of my team’s efforts.

My team-mate and I competed under the name Planet Melbourne. We submitted entries up until the first milestone at six months and didn’t make any submissions after that.

This apparently made us a useful reference point during the following milestones. Because the milestone rankings didn’t show scores, movements in a team’s ranking relative to our position gave a rough-and-ready indication of the improvement in their score.

Anyway, our rankings were as follows …

Milestone 1 (6 months): 5th

Milestone 2 (12 months): 5th

Milestone 3 (18 months): 14th

Finish (24 months): 25th

After the initial announcement of the winners, there were a whole bunch of disqualifications. Probably from people competing using multiple accounts. As a result, our final official ranking improved to 17th.

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