The largest project I did in my 20 per cent time was GeoSMS, a standard for geotagging SMS messages.

This project got its own blog so the press release would have something to refer to. If you want to know more, check out

One Comment on “GeoSMS”

  1. Hi –

    Interesting. I read a number of your blogs on GeoSMS and I assume you also wrote the wikipedia GeoSMS entry.

    I worked on geo uri (an IETF RFC). I helped write GeoRSS (community specification). I also work for the OGC, a standards organization.

    I have one issue with your blogs etc and that has to do with the word “standard”. I know the semantics are open to discussion, but in the standards world, what you have crafted is a specification and not a standard. Standards are developed within some community process in which multiple stakeholders discuss and agree on the content of the standard. Yes, standards do not need to be developed in a formal standards development organization, such as the OGC, but they do need to be developed via some community process, such as the GeoRSS community or the OSGeo community. Yes, an individual can develop a specification but again to become even a de-facto standard the document needs to be vetted and approved by some community process.

    Therefore, I would encourage you to call your GeoSMS document a specification rather than a standard.

    Thanks for listening!

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